Thursday, 19 June 2014

APEX 5.0 Early Adopter 2

Recently Oracle released a new early adopter version of Apex 5.0. All workspaces from the early adopter 1 have been purged, so those who are interested need to request a new workspace.

In the ea 1 release we all ready saw some major new changes. The latest release contains some minor upgrades, most notably:

  • New Packaged Application capabilities introduced in Application Express 5.0
  • New theme features introduced in Application Express 5.0. The most important aspect being the 'Universal Theme'
  • New Websheet capabilities introduced in Application Express 5.0
You can check a list of all features -and known issues- here.

With ea2 released it looks like we're heading to an official release of Apex 5.0. That release is planned later this year, possibly late summer/early fall.
Until that time, have fun exploring the early adopter version.